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I’ve always been fascinated by ‘About’ pages. They’re typically one of the first places people go to on a website (*waves*) but for the most part don’t contain anything ‘real’. I’m just as guilty as the next. As soon as I land on a new site my eyes dart to the navigation like some cracked out birdwatcher, itching to see that ‘About’ link. I liken it to good old-fashioned people-watching. We all do it; sitting around, Cinnibon in hand, silently staring and passing judgment at strip malls and county fairs everywhere. I think it’s the mystery, the curiosity of wanting to know the ‘who’ more than the ‘what’ or ‘why’. Sadly I think that’s the culture we’re bred for nowadays. The message itself is less important than the ‘who’ it came from. With that said, and at the risk of being a true hypocrite, I give you  the ‘who’ behind 88West.

In the past 15 years this site has morphed from one impetus to the next. From a virtual art gallery showcasing sites I’d worked on to a dualistic pedestal from which college-era frustrations spewed forth; to, most recently,  a clean, professional online presence for me to make my name. Though the theme may change the name itself has always remained the same.

I get a lot of people asking ‘What’s it mean’? My de facto response has always been that, at the time of it’s conception, I was at a place in my life where I viewed my existence like an endless highway and I, just another traveler. I wanted something clean, concise, and easy to say and remember. Suddenly that catchy song (originally) by Nat King Cole ‘Route 66′ popped into my head. “Get your kicks, on route, 66…”. So I changed around a couple numbers, preferring the symmetry that the ’88′ offered, slapped a direction on the end and so it was done. Some 15 years later, here I am, still traveling on the proverbial highway. Some things just shouldn’t ever change. That’s the de facto answer – the real answer?

Why’s it gotta mean anything?

88West is my place away from the world. You won’t find meme’s or YouTube videos of dogs farting or goats inserted into music videos. You won’t find my opinion on that last episode of Glee or reveling in an endless debate on gun control. You will find articles ranging from art to music to video games, travel, food, and more. These are the things that are important to me and while I cannot promise you will enjoy what you find here, nor can I promise not to offend, bore, or incite but what I can promise, is honesty. And that, reader, is a rare currency.

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