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Fenrir Hard – Games with Drybear

Posted 1584 days ago by Peter Franceschi. Posted in: Games

So it’s no surprise that I’ve been playing quite a bit of Smite lately. Anyone who plays knows there are a few guys that play fairly heavily and are very active in the community. Drybear happens to be one of them and is a pretty big streamer in the Smite scene and actually casts the weekly NA tournaments as well. I was cruising through some Smite videos on youtube recently and actually found a recent game I played with him that he published.

It’s not saying much but I thought it was cool I got included in one of his videos haha. Was one of my better games with Fenrir too (Fenrir hard. lol). Head on over to his channel on YouTube to view more, one of the better streamers out there in the scene.



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