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Bucket List

Bucket List

About a year ago I got pretty heavily into something called ‘Minimalism’. This concept that, by reducing your life and material goods down to only the bare essentials, you come to realize what’s truly important in your life. I won’t begin to try and cover an entire ‘religion’ (note the quotes) here, but rather redirect you to a few very good sites that are worth a read. Namely this one, this one, this one, and this one.

I’ve since moved past minimalism, taking and applying bits and pieces to keep my life simpler, but one recurring theme in most articles you’ll read from any of the above authors is the idea of a bucket list. Quite simply, itemizing out all the things you want to achieve before heading off to join JFK and Elvis jamming it out up in heaven. It’s good to see it out in front of you, to know what you’re reaching for. It also feels good to cross things off the list, a certain sense of accomplishment that, to me, reinforces that I’ve done something I can be proud of. I encourage everyone to put together a bucket list and put absolutely anything on it. There is nothing that is unreachable, nothing to far-fetched – in fact, the more ridiculous the better. It would be a fairly sad reflection if my only aspiration in life was to make a fantastic meatloaf. You get the idea.

As long as I’m alive, this will be a work in progress. Items added, items removed, items crossed off and filed away – always something to work towards.

  • Visit Italy
  • Visit Ireland
  • See Stonehenge
  • Visit New Zealand
  • Get a tattoo
  • Drop 20 pounds (180)
  • Buy a Jeep Wrangler Soft Top
  • Learn Italian
  • Visit San Francisco
  • Learn to play ‘Just The Way it Is’ on Piano
  • Buy a boat
  • Take a cruise
  • Go to New York City
  • Run the Warrior Dash
  • Run the Tough Mudder
  • Run a half marathon
  • Help sail a boat on open water
  • Take a SCUBA course and get certified
  • See Yellowcard in concert
  • See Incubus in concert
  • Purchase a house within a 30min drive of the ocean
  • Drive a Lotus Elisse or Exige
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Have zero debt
  • Make my own wine
  • Visit every continent
  • Learn to surf
  • Play Golf at a PGA Tournament Course
  • Start my own business and be my own boss
  • Attend an NFL Football Game
  • Go to the World Cup
  • Become a certified lifeguard
  • Have a photograph or article get published
  • Leave behind a legacy
  • Get my name added to a resteraunt menu
  • Go whale watching
  • Have something i’ve cooked be professionaly recognized
  • Visit Napa Valley
  • Visit a Buddhist temple
  • Learn to drive stick shift
  • Invest on a stock and make money
  • Dont play a single video game for a month
  • Travel by train (subway doesnt count)


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